The waterbobbejan drawn by an unknown artist.

Other names: Fudu
Country reported: South Africa

The waterbobbejan (Afrikaans: "water baboon"[1]) is a cryptid primate reported from South Africa. It is described as a giant baboon, similar to one version of the Nandi bear, and has been reported since the 1880's.[1][2] It has been called the "South African Bigfoot".


The waterbobbejan is described as a 6 feet tall, baboonlike animal with reddish fur and long, powerful arms. It is shy and solitary, living in caves, near water, or behind waterfalls, and eats oranges from trees. However, it will also prowl the outskirts of farms and take livestock.[1]



In 1965, two boys saw the animal on the Leeufontein farm between Koster and Swartruggens, North-West Province, South Africa.[1]


George Eberhart simply notes that the Chacma baboon and the samango monkey, which are found in the area, never exceed about 2 and a half feet. However, in one case, a farmer did shoot a samango monkey and claimed it was a waterbobbejan.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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