Tsere-yawá Coudray

Reconstruction of the tsere-yawá by Philippe Coudray.

Country reported: Ecuador

The tsere-yawá is a cryptid felid reported from Ecuador by Spanish cryptozoologist Angel Morant Forés.[1]


The tsere-yawá is described as "a one meter long semiaquatic cat which is said to hunt in packs of 8 to 10 individuals". It has brown fur.[1]



A man named Christian Chumbi claimed to have seen eight tsere-yawá at a distance of 15 meters in the River Yukipa.[1]


Its description is very similar to that of a bush dog in both appearance and behaviour. Karl Shuker suggests the tsere-yawá may be the small-eared dog or zorro (Atelocynus microtis), which resembles a cat and is semi-aquatic; or a species of otter.[2]

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