Triassic kraken by HodariNundu

Illustration of the Triassic kraken by HodariNundu on DeviantArt.

Country reported: United States

The Triassic kraken is a giagantic squid or octopus like creature hypothesized by palaeontologist Mark McMenamin to have existed in the Triassic era, in Nevada, North America.

A large fossil site in Nevada was found containing various bones of Shonisaurus, a very large icthyosaurs. Analysis revealed they died in deep water, and their bones were arranged in a curious, unnatural pattern. In 2011, McMenamin and Dianna Schulte argued that the pattern of the bones was the work of a giant "Triassic kraken" which was making a portrait of its own tentaces. The theory was met with hostility.

McMenamin held another talk on the subject in 2013. This time, he used a recently found Triassic squid beak as evidence. He hypothesized that the animal, in life, was the size of a school bus.

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