The short grey snake is a death worm-like cryptid reported from Kalmykia, Russia. It is said to be 50 centimetres (20'') long and 15 to 20 centimetres (6'' to 8'') in diameter, with smooth grey skin, a rounded front end, and a very short tail. It is alleged to have no bones whatsoever, a claim backed up by the supposed fact that, if one of the animals is hit in the middle of its back with a stick, it will explode, "leaving behind a patch of slime or grease stretching more than a meter in diameter across the ground".[1] It may also be slow-moving, crawling along the ground like a worm.[1]

A second variety of "short grey worm" is also reported from Kalmykia, which is said to be smaller, with a clearly-visible mouth.[1]

Notes and references

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