Country reported: Peru

The segamai is a cryptid reported from the Peruvian Amazon, described as a fearsome slothlike animal. It is considered a regional name for the mapinguari by authors including George Eberhart and the New York Times.[1]

Glenn Shepard Jr., an American ethnobiologist and anthropologist based in Manaus, said he was among the skeptics regarding the mapinguari until 1997, when he was doing research about local wildlife among the Machiguenga people of the far western Amazon, in Peru. Tribesmen all mentioned a fearsome slothlike creature called the segamai that inhabited a hilly, forested area in their territory.

Shepard said "the clincher that really blew me away" came when a member of the tribe remarked matter of factly that he had also seen a segamai at the natural history museum in Lima. When Shepard checked, he realised that the museum has a display featuring a model of a giant ground sloth.[2]

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