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Roy P. Mackal

Mackal in 1982.

Biographical information
Born 1 August 1925
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Died 14 September 2013 (aged 88)
Professional information
Occupation Biologist, cryptozoologist, explorer
Notable works The Monsters of Loch Ness (1976)
A Living Dinosaur? (1987)
Notable investigations Loch Ness monster

Roy P. Mackal (1 August 1925 – 14 September 2013) was an American biologist, cryptozoologist, and explorer. Within cryptozoology, he is best known for his investigation into the Loch Ness monster as scientific director of the Loch Ness Monster Investigation Bureau, and his leadership of two expeditions to the Republic of the Congo to investigate the mokele-mbembe, a cryptid which his work did much to bring to popular attention.[1] Alongside J. Richard Greenwell and Bernard Heuvelmans, he was also one of the founders of the International Society of Cryptozoology, of which he was Vice-President.[2]

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