Pe de garrafa

Illustration of the pé de garrafa by an unknown artist.

Other names: Kubê-rop, pelobo
Country reported: Brazil

The pé de garrafa (Spanish: "bottle foot"[1]) is a cryptid primate reported from the Brazilian Amazon. It is described as a 5-foot humanlike ape with long hair, black skin, a white navel, a horn on its forehead, large hands and no feet. It is said to leave tracks similar to those made by pressing the base of a bottle into the ground. The tracks are regularly spaced, exactly aligned, and avoid obstacles. It is also said to stare intently, as if to hypnotise, and to roar loudly.[1][2]

David Oren has suggested that the similar bottle-like tracks left by the mapinguari are the imprints of a giant sloths powerful tail mistakenly identified as footprints,[3] but Dale A. Drinnon writes that the pé de garrafa has nothing to do with the mapinguari.[4]

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