White-throated black jaguar, William Rebsamen

The onça-canguçú in life, drawn by William Rebsamen.

Black white-throated jaguar

Van Roosmalen's onça-canguçú skull atop its skin.

Other names: White-throated black jaguar
Country reported: Brazil

The onça-canguçú (Portuguese: "big-headed jaguar"[1] or "the jaguar that is bigger than all other cats and hunts in pairs"[2]) is a cryptid felid reported to exist in the Matto Grosso, Rio Madeira, Rio Aripuanã, and Amazonas States of the Brazilian Amazon by Dutch primatologist Marc van Roosmalen.[3][1] It is descriped as being larger than a jaguar and all-black, excepting a splotchy white bib-like pattern on the throat. Unlike a melanistic jaguar, it has no visible rosettes. Van Roosmalen collected eyewitness accounts of the onça-canguçú, and learned that a 9 year old girl was killed by a pair. Another story told of a pair capturing a cub whilst its parents were swimming: the cub died, but they retained its skull. Van Roosmalen has allegedly procured another skull (right) from local hunters.[2]

Van Roosmalen said in an interview that this and the arboreal giant anteater are the only animals which he lacked genetic samples of. In addition, he has never personally seen the onça-canguçú, which is very rare.[4]

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