Encyclopaedia of Cryptozoology

The merhorse by Monique Watteau.

System Heuvelmans system (1965)
Proposed scientific names Halshippus olai-magni (Heuvelmans, 1965)
Other names Beruang ayer, maner
Sightings range Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
Proposed identification Pinniped (Heuvelmans, 1965; Woodley, 2008)

The merhorse (Halshippus olai-magni; French: cheval marin) is a Heuvelmans type of sea serpent, equivalent to the maner in the Mangiacopra system.[1] One of the system's most common types, Bernard Heuvelmans classified seventy-one sightings as merhorses, of which thirty-seven were certain and thirty-four probable, giving it an almost cosmopolitan distribution, being absent only from the Indian Ocean and the polar seas.[2]

Distinguished by its mane and large eyes, Heuvelmans identified the merhorse as a species of large, relatively long-necked pinniped adapted either to life at semi-abyssal depths, or to a nocturnal lifestyle,[2] an identity often still supported.[3] Although Heuvelmans argued that they were distinct types, several later cryptozoologists have suggested that the merhorse is the same species as the longneck,[4] and the Coleman-Huyghe and Marshall systems synonymise the two types as the waterhorse and great sea horse.[5][6] Heuvelmans classified Caddy as a merhorse; some recent cryptozoologists support this,[3][7] while Paul H. LeBlond found the Heuvelmans system inapplicable to Caddy.[8]

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