Other names: Gums, mysterious beast
Country reported: Paraguay

The manguruyú was a cryptid reported to exist in the freshwater rivers of Paraguay by English explorer Percy Fawcett.[1] He wrote that the Rio Paraguay was home to "a freshwater shark, huge but toothless, said to attack men and swallow them if it gets a chance".[2]

As the only sharks which venture into freshwater, such as bull sharks, are certainly not toothless, British cryptozoologist Mike Grayson suggested the animal may have been a very large sturgeon, although he admitted that sturgeons do not attack people and are not found in South America.[1] Karl Shuker opined that it may have been a giant catfish, either an old or freakish individual or a new species. German cryptozoologist Markus Bühler noted that the South American piraiba is large and deceptively shark-like.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

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