Two depictions of man-seals from the Bering Sea, figured in The Eskimo About Bering Strait (1900).

Proposed scientific names
Other names
Sea reported Bering Sea (Pacific Ocean), Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean)
First reported 1900
Prominent investigators

Man-seals[1] were cryptid merbeings reported from the Bering and Beaufort Sea coasts of Alaska, described as marine mammals resembling seals, with human heads, faces, shoulders, and sometimes forelimbs. Although supernatural powers were ascribed to them, in the late 19th Century it was claimed that they were sometimes caught in fishing nets or killed by hunters at sea.[2] During the late 1940s, a Point Barrow local hunting seals claimed to have seen the head of a "mysterious monster," which had black close-cropped hair and a human face.[3] The most famous cryptozoological merbeing, Steller's sea ape, was also reported from the Bering Sea, but was described as having no visible forelimbs.[4]

Notes and references

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