Encyclopaedia of Cryptozoology
Les Félins Encore Inconnus d’Afrique
Author Bernard Heuvelmans
Publication date 2007
Publisher Les Editions de l'Oeil du Sphinx
ISBN ISBN 978-2914405430

Les Félins Encore Inconnus d’Afrique (Still Unknown Cats of Africa[1]) is a cryptozoological book on feline cryptids of Africa by Bernard Heuvelmans, published posthumously as part of the Bibliothèque Heuvelmansienne (Heuvelmansian Library) in 2007, and annotated by Jean-Jacques Barloy.[2][3]


Les Félins Encore Inconnus d’Afrique is divided into three parts, with twelve chapters between them. Part one focuses on miscellaneous African cryptid cats; part two on unusual variants of known cats, such as the king cheetah and the marozi, as well as the mngwa; and part three on possible living sabre-toothed cats, with an extended study of the possible evolution and ecology of water lions. There is also a brief appendix by Jean-Jacques Barloy discussing mystery cats of South America.

Cryptids covered[]

Notes and references[]

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