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Jaroslav Mareš (born 28 December 1937) is a Czech zoologist, cryptozoologist, explorer, and writer who has led several expeditions to gather information on a wide range of cryptids, and has written a Czech-language cryptozoological encyclopedia, Svět Tajemných Zvířat: Kryptozoologická Encyklopedie (1997).

He has a particular interest in Kurupira-tepui and its cryptids (the stoa, suwa, and washoriwe): he attempted to scale the tepui during an expedition in 1978, and has written three books on it to date; Hledání Ztraceného Světa (1992), Hrůza Zvaná Kurupira (2001), and Kurupira: Zlověstné Tajemstv (2005).[1] He was also the first to propose the theory that the veo could be a living relative of Manis paleojavanica,[2] and formally described the world's strongest known carnivorous beetle, Manticora imperator.

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