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The Jangsan beom is a dubious cryptid
It has not been discussed in cryptozoological literature, and is known only from internet reports or weak sources. It may be entirely fictional.

Drawing of the jangsan beom by an unknown artist.

Drawing of the jangsan beom by an unknown artist.

Other names: Baekbum, gaeyeosi, Huhon lightning, it, Jangsan-bum, Jangsan tiger, pan, waho, white lightning
Country reported: South Korea

The jangsan beom (장산범) is a cryptid reported from South Korea. It is considered an urban legend or folkloric being, but has allegedly been sighted several times, mainly in Busan and the Sobaek Mountains.[1][2] It was originally reported and described on internet forums.


The jangsan beom is described as a quadrupedal animal, slightly larger than a man and covered in white hair which is long enough to cover its face. It has been compared to a dog and a sloth.[3]

It has long fore limbs and shorter hind limbs, although it is capable of moving quickly over many different types of ground, including steep mountain terrain. Its roar is said to sound like the scratching of a chalkboard, human screaming,[2] a speeding train,[3] or scraping iron. It can also imitate human speech and the calls of wild animals, and is said to eat the people it encounters.[1]

It is said to live in the moutains, and was first seen on the Jangsan mountain in Busan. It is seen at night or in the morning, and its presence causes other animals to beome alert.[3]



The jangsan beom was first reported in September 2010.[3] It has allegedly been sighted multiple times in Busan.[1] Sightings in the Haeundae District of Busan were reported in June 2012.[2] Other sightings have occured in, around, or near Gyeongju, Gyeongsan, Changnyeong, and Incheon.[1]


The jangsan beom has been given a spritual aspect by some eyewitnesses. One Korean investigator has suggested it was a real animal which was hunted to the brink of extinction during the Japanese occupation, and connects it with a white, evil spirit-defeating lion depicted in a traditional Bukchon play.[1]

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