Encyclopaedia of Cryptozoology

Depiction of the guhNemoralisArt, Used with Permission)

Category Arthropoda
Proposed scientific names
Other names Giant worm
Country reported Canada
First reported 1973
Prominent investigators

The guh[1] or giant worm is a cryptid invertebrate reported from the Saint Elias Mountains, in the Canadian territory of Yukon. According to the Southern Tutchone people, they are giant arboreal worm-like monsters which inhabit holes in the ground near glaciers, as well as trees. Several Tutchone told anthropologist Catharine McClellan that they had seen these giant worms, and several others claimed they had seen patches of bare mountain brush, where the worms had supposedly fed. McClellan classified them as "strange and rare animals".[2]

An inhabitant of Carmacks claimed he had seen one hanging in the branches of a tree, and a shaman allegedly saw two individuals, "like huge black caterpillars ... as big as bears," stripping a tree clean of leaves. The shaman later saw a pair of even larger worms emerge from a large hole in the ground, but claimed he managed to kill them with magic bullets.[2]

Notes and references[]

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