Country reported: Paraguay

The "gran bestia" (Spanish: "great beast") was a cryptid reported once from Paraguay, described in the early 1830's.[1]

Commander Robert Fitz-Roy, Captain of the HMS Beagle, was told by a Bahia Blanca garrison commandant named Rodriguez of a strange beast he had seen chained in Paraguay:[1]

"a 'gran bestia,' not many months old, but which then stood about four feet high. It was very fierce, and secured by a chain. Its shape resembled that of a hog, but it had talons on its feet instead of hoofs; the snout was like a hog's, but much longer. When half-grown, he was told that it would be capable of seizing and carrying away a horse or a bullock. I concluded that he must have seen a tapir or anta [tapir]; yet as he persisted in asserting that the animal he saw was a beast of prey, and that it was extremely rare, [footnote: "Neither of which remarks apply to the Anta"] I here repeat what he said."

Through the use of an appendix reference, Fitz-Roy seemingly suggested the animal may have been a yaquaru.[1] Austin Whittall notes that the animal sounds similar to a ground sloth.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

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