Encyclopaedia of Cryptozoology
Glowing mudskipper
Category Osteichthyes
Proposed scientific names
Other names
Country reported Indonesia (Seram)
First reported 1998[1]
Prominent investigators Karl Shuker

The glowing mudskipper was a cryptid freshwater fish reported from the Indonesian island of Seram, in the Maluku Islands. Known from a single sighting of multiple specimens made in a river in 1986, this cryptid appeared to be a mudskipper (subfamily Oxudercinae), a group of gobies known for their amphibious habits, but emitted a pulsating, bright red bioluminescent glow, something unknown in the group. Mudskippers are also generally found in intertidal and nearshore habitats, not inland rivers. The observation was reportedly made in June 1986 by missionary and tropical agriculturalist Tyson Hughes, a colleague of Bill Gibbons, who worked in Seram as a model farm manager. Hughes attempted to capture a specimen, but failed to do so.[2][1]

Notes and references[]

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