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Illustration of the prehistoric giant caiman Purussaurus by Wikipedia user Nobu Tamura.

The giant caiman is a cryptid crocodilian reported from the rivers and swamps of Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.[1][2][3] Regular caimans may rarely grow up to 16', but Amazonian Indians describe individuals up to three times as large.[1] According to Harold T. Wilkins, they are reputed to tear apart small boats and eat the occupants.[4] Arnošt Vašíček speculates that these caimans may be surviving descendants of Purussaurus, a 36' long caiman found in South America until the Late Miocene.[1]

In a story recounted by Wilkins, an Indian who was hypnotised by a giant anaconda had his life saved when a giant "saurian" erupted from the water and attacked the snake, killing it after a fierce battle.[4] Karl Shuker writes that this animal may simply have been a normal caiman, but lists it as a possible freshwater marine saurian on account of its description.[5]

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