Encyclopaedia of Cryptozoology
Giant Atlantic grenadier
Classification Osteichthyes
Proposed scientific names
Other names Giant rat-tail
Sea reported Atlantic Ocean
First reported 1981[1]
Prominent investigators Gardner Soule

The giant Atlantic grenadier was a cryptid giant deep sea fish seen once, in the Atlantic Ocean's Gulf of Mexico, by Joe Thompson (1930 – 2003) of the Deepstar 4000↗ submersible during a 1967 dive.[1][2] According to cryptozoologist and marine writer Gardner Soule, who had interviewed Thompson or his colleagues regarding the Deepstar 4000 fish, it was seen among several small grenadier or rat-tail fish (family Macrouridae) above the seafloor, and identified as another grenadier; however, Thompson estimated its length at almost 10 ft (3 m). The largest known grenadier, Albatrossia pectoralis, is restricted to the Pacific Ocean, and is not recorded as growing longer than 7 ft (2 m). All known Atlantic grenadiers are smaller.[1]

Notes and references[]

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