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10 September 2020

The owhuama is a cryptid reported from the Venezuelan Amazon, considered to be the Yanomami people's version of the mapinguari, which has itself been reported from the Venezuelan-Brazilian border region.
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NOTICE - Unknown - 2021/08/03 13:38

Dear Friends, I have been doing blogs on Blogger/Blogspot for so long that it seems really strange not to be doing them anymore, but as many of you will have found out, dear Louis - who really is a Sa...

THEORIES ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE - Ego Ronanus - 2021/07/18 22:00

Including multiple universes, which might explain where certain cryptids come from - and return to. now read on.......

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 The Gonzo Daily: Sunday http://www.gonzomultimedia.co.uk/about.htmlOkay, boys and girls, this is all going to get a bit complicated. As you may know, Louis has been working very hard on the new CFZ w...

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ShukerNature Latest

THE MOUNTAIN OF THE MOON AND AN AFRICAN BUNYIP - Dr Karl Shuker - 2022/06/05 00:05

 Photo-still of the dingonek-inspired African bunyip featured in the Bengali blockbuster movie Chander Pahar (© Kamaleshwar Mukherjee/Shree Venkatesh Films – reproduced here on a strictly non-commerci...


 Two photographs of Charles Fletcher Lummis – a pichu-cuate eyewitness who lived to tell the tale, literally, documenting this sinister serpent in his book The King of the Broncos (public domain) Some...

LET'S ALL DO THE KUNGA! - Dr Karl Shuker - 2022/04/29 23:42

 Detail from 'War' panel of Standard of Ur mosaic, c2600 BCE, depicting kungas pulling 4-wheeled battle-wagon (© Zunkir/Wikipedia – CC BY-SA 4.0) It's always good to learn of a 'new' animal, even if i...

MAPPING OUT THE NANDI BEAR - Dr Karl Shuker - 2022/04/27 14:08

 Close-up of the Nandi bear depiction on John McKenzie's 1961 map East Africa (© John McKenzie – reproduced here on a strictly non-commercial Fair Use basis for educational/review purposes only) Last...


 Front cover of Secret Snakes and Serpent Surprises, depicting the crowing crested cobra as based upon eyewitness descriptions (© Dr Karl Shuker/Coachwhip Publications) My latest thematic cryptozoolog...
Loch Ness Mystery Latest

Arthur Grant's Wall - Glasgow Boy - 2022/06/19 21:33

 Its a funny old world sometimes. Just a couple of weeks after posting on Arthur Grant and whether our favourite beastie had to negotiate a wall to get back to the safety of deep waters, something tur...

Interesting selection of Cryptozoological items - Glasgow Boy - 2022/06/06 21:37

Just a quick note to refer readers to a long listing of dozens of Loch Ness Monster books and other cryptozoological items on eBay just now by seller roman10818. I don't think I have seen quite a good...

Arthur Grant meets a Wall of Scepticism - Glasgow Boy - 2022/06/01 22:45

 I have to say that Arthur Grant is one of my favourite accounts of the Loch Ness Monster. A giant creature lurching across a lonely road under a full moon before a befuddled motor cyclist? What's not...

A Recent Video Examined - Glasgow Boy - 2022/05/02 22:08

 A few days back came the latest video published by the Daily Mail of a wake filmed by an anonymous couple from above Urquhart Castle at about 6am on the 25th April. Below is the relevant text from th...

The Usse of North England - Glasgow Boy - 2022/04/19 21:25

 Here is a clipping from the Cleveland Standard dated May 5th 1934. The news of a monster in Loch Ness brought out various interesting stories from the end of 1933 onward as some newspapers vied for a...
July 2022's featured article
Deepstar 400 fish Skin Diver.png
The Deepstar 4000 fish was a cryptid giant deep sea fish seen once, off southern California in the Pacific Ocean, by the crew of the Deepstar 4000↗ submersible during a 1966 dive. It was estimated to have measured 30–40 ft (9–12 m) in length, equal to some of the largest known living fish, and far larger than any known bony fish.

This fish was allegedly observed by pilot Joe Thompson (1930 – 2003) and possibly marine biologist Gene LaFond (1909 – 2002), during a June 1966 research dive in the San Diego Trough alongside instrumentation engineer Dale Good. They had taken the Deepstar 4000 down to around 4,000 ft (1,219 m) to lay hydrographical instruments on the seafloor, and when Thompson happened to look through the window, he found himself staring into the eye of a giant fish which had swam briefly into view. It moved past quickly, bringing up silt from the seabed, before disappearing.

Previously featured: Chipekwe

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Bigfooters Who Have Recently Passed Away in 2022 - Loren Coleman - 2022/06/13 17:03

Recent deaths include Louis Petolicchio, Clifford LaBrecque, Jr., Todd Strong, and David Arrighi....

Jim McCullough, Jr., Passes Away - Loren Coleman - 2022/05/12 21:31

Jim Mccullough Jr passed away during the morning of May 11, 2022, after battling health issues....

Thunderbird Advocate Chief A. J. Huffer Dies - Loren Coleman - 2022/04/22 15:04

  In 1977, a man named John Huffer took several photos of two large birds taking flight from a tree. Although the sighting was mentioned by the Discovery Channel on their show, Into the Unknown, the b...

Thylacine Tracker Col Bailey, 85, Dies - Loren Coleman - 2022/02/28 18:17

“It’s better they’re left on their own and they survive.”...

Cryptozoologist of the Year: The Golden Yeti 2021 Goes To Daniel Perez - Loren Coleman - 2021/12/21 00:06

We wish to congratulate Perez for being acknowledged as 2021's Cryptozoologist of the Year....

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