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10 September 2020

The owhuama is a cryptid reported from the Venezuelan Amazon, considered to be the Yanomami people's version of the mapinguari, which has itself been reported from the Venezuelan-Brazilian border region.
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CFZ Latest

NOTICE - Unknown - 2021/08/03 13:38

Dear Friends, I have been doing blogs on Blogger/Blogspot for so long that it seems really strange not to be doing them anymore, but as many of you will have found out, dear Louis - who really is a Sa...

THEORIES ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE - Ego Ronanus - 2021/07/18 22:00

Including multiple universes, which might explain where certain cryptids come from - and return to. now read on.......

HOPPING HOPPING HOPPING - Unknown - 2021/07/18 12:04

 The Gonzo Daily: Sunday http://www.gonzomultimedia.co.uk/about.htmlOkay, boys and girls, this is all going to get a bit complicated. As you may know, Louis has been working very hard on the new CFZ w...

Giant Eels in the Lake District; The return of Wally the Walrus; Ivory Billed Woodpecker (OTT#137) - Unknown - 2021/07/18 02:00

Woot Woot the lads are back with another cornucopia of Fortean frolics:- Gef the talking mongoose- Lake monsters in the English Lake District- Richard returns with a Grime DJ- The Eunuch Eel theory- T...

Gonzo Weekly #455/6 - Unknown - 2021/07/18 02:00

Gonzo Weekly #455/6THE IRON ZION LION ISSUEwww.gonzoweekly.comThis magazine continues to go off on strange tangents that I never expect, but I am very happy to see it do so. What is in this week? Oooo...
ShukerNature Latest

MYSTERY BEASTS SERVED UP ON A PLATE, GREEK STYLE! - Dr Karl Shuker - 2021/10/13 14:17

 My newly-purchased modern-day Greek wall plate featuring some very mysterious creatures depicted upon it – please click photograph to enlarge it for close-up viewing purposes (© Dr Karl Shuker) On Tu...


 An adult male specimen of the blue rock thrush Monticola solitarius (© AquilaGib/Wikipedia – CC BY-SA 3.0 licence)Nowadays, as a result of long experience in such matters, I am rarely if ever surpris...


 The famous ancient Greek marble statue, 'Laocoön and His Sons', unearthed within an Italian vineyard in 1506, depicting the Trojan priest Laocoön and his twin sons being slain by a pair of huge serpe...

SNAKES WITH WINGS - AND OTHER STRANGE THINGS! - Dr Karl Shuker - 2021/09/22 01:21

 Artistic representation of the Namibian flying snake based upon eyewitness descriptions (© Philippa Foster)   I went once to a certain place in Arabia, almost exactly opposite the city of Buto, to ma...


 A male polydactylous kitten, sporting 23 toes (© Howie831/Wikipedia – CC BY-SA 3.0 licence) One of the most frequently reported and familiar teratological conditions exhibited by humans is the posses...
Loch Ness Mystery Latest

An Interesting Video from 1992 - Glasgow Boy - 2021/10/13 22:43

 It was back in August 1992, that the British ITN news network channel ran an item on their late news program. It was the latest piece of video taken of a strange looking object in Loch Ness. To be mo...

Loch Ness Monster caught by Drone Camera? - Glasgow Boy - 2021/09/24 22:04

 A new image from Loch Ness with a new twist appeared in the media yesterday. By  a new twist I mean a drone video of something allegedly in the waters below. Now I use my drone at Loch Ness in the ho...

A Poacher's Frightening Encounter - Glasgow Boy - 2021/09/21 22:18

 Intrepid Aussie cryptozoologist, Paul Cropper, recently sent me some old clippings he had and this one certainly raised an eyebrow. It is a letter anonymously sent to the Scottish paper, The Sunday P...

Another Audio Interview - Glasgow Boy - 2021/09/16 20:31

 Hot on the heels of the podcast I did recently, Steve Ward, host of the High Strangeness Factor show, contacted me to do another interview for him. I was happy to do that and the audio can be found h...

The Latest Audio Interview - Glasgow Boy - 2021/08/29 22:04

 I was invited to speak on the Loch Ness Monster from the guys at the Controversial Science website last week and spent over an hour answering questions and comparing-contrasting the various cryptozoo...
December 2020's featured article
Chipekwe Coudray.png
The chipekwe is a cyptid lake monster reported from lakes, rivers, and marshes in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, particularly around Lake Bangweulu. As the term "chipekwe" is thought to be equivalent to "monster," disparate cryptids from the region have been termed chipekwes, including animals similar to the emela-ntouka, mokele-mbembe, and water lions, as well as the similar but distinct nsanga. Some types of chipekwe were the earliest examples of African neodinosaurs known to Europeans, at the turn of the 20th Century, and the chipekwe therefore played a role in the Great Brontosaurus Hoax.

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Bluff Creek Project Member Michael Meraz, 63, Dies From COVID-19 - Loren Coleman - 2021/09/25 22:51

Meraz was a friend of Rene Dahinden's....

Prolific Author Michael Newton, 69, Dies - Loren Coleman - 2021/09/07 19:46

Michael Newton, 69, well-known for his cryptozoology encyclopedia, has died....

Gonzo Fortean Writer Skylaire Alfvegren Dies Suddenly - Loren Coleman - 2021/08/28 10:08

"Witchcraft always has a hard time, until it becomes established and changes its name." --Charles Fort...

Champ Cryptozoologist Scott Mardis, 57, Dies Suddenly - Loren Coleman - 2021/07/30 21:31

Remembrances of Scott Mardis from Ted Krulos and Kelly Milner Halls give more information to ponder on how dedicated the man was to his passion for cryptozoology....

Veteran Bigfooter and Coauthor Cliff Olson, 88, Dies - Loren Coleman - 2021/07/23 13:34

Cliff Olson, 86, passed away on Thursday, July 22, 2021....

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