Encyclopaedia of Cryptozoology

Depiction of the dobhar-chú on the gravestone of Grace Connolly.

Category River and lake monster
Proposed scientific names
Other names Anchu, dobarchu, dhuraghoo, dorraghow, dovarchu, doyarchu, Irish crocodile, king otter, master otter, water hound
Country reported Ireland, United Kingdom
First reported 1684
Prominent investigators Richard Muirhead
Karl Shuker
Dale A. Drinnon

The dobhar-chú (Irish: "water hound," "otter," or "king otter") or master otter is a river and lake monster reported from the island of Ireland and certain Hebridean islands, within the countries of Ireland and the United Kingdom. It is supposedly an aggressive water-dwelling animal similar to an otter, but perhaps five times as large.[1][2]

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