David Oren

Oren interviewed for Beast Hunter.

David C. Oren is an American biologist best known for propounding the idea that the mapinguari may be a extant species of giant ground sloth.[1][2][3]

Oren has collected over ninety accounts of the mapinguari,[4] and as of 2002 had interviewed seven hunters who claimed to have shot specimens.[5][6] In 1994, Oren was attempting to mount an expedition to search for the mapinguari.[6]

In 2011 he was interviewed by Pat Spain for the TV show Beast Hunter.[4]

He published two papers on the subject, “Did Ground Sloths Survive to Recent Times in the Amazon Region?” (1993), and "Does the Endangered Xenarthran Fauna of Amazonia Include Remnant Ground Sloths?" (2001).

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