Country reported: Belize

The cave cow is a cryptid reported from Belize in Central America, described as a hairy animal the shape of a lizard. Ivan T. Sanderson suggested,[Expansion needed] and Dale A. Drinnon agrees, that it may be a living ground sloth.[1]



A pair of tourists honeymooning in Belize wrote to Phantoms and Monsters in 2015, claiming to have had a near encounter with what their guide called a "cow" near Xunantunich:[2]

"As we stood on a grassy ledge on the temple, there was a loud crashing sound coming from the jungle below us. We could see small trees being push about as this thing moved through the thick vegetation. I looked at the guide and he had a confused and fearful look on his face. He said that we need move in the opposite direction. We descended the steps and walked quickly towards the plaza area where the tour Jeep was parked.
"When we reached the vehicle, he made a call to someone on his radio. I don't speak Spanish, but my wife said that it sounded like the guide said 'cow.' Well there is no way all that noise was caused by a cow or even several cows. We got into the vehicle and waited for the driver. After a few minutes, he arrived and we headed back to Belize City.
"I asked the driver about what we had experienced and if he had any idea what it could have been. He said he wasn't familiar with any animal that big in the jungle. To me, it seemed he wasn't being completely honest, but I dropped the subject.
"The next day, I got online to see if anything that big was known to inhabit the Belize jungles. I found a brief mention of a 'cave cow', a type of legendary large ground sloth that was said to live there. That's all I found. Since my wife thought the guide said 'cow' when he was on the radio, that may be what he was referring to."

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