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Booger bear

Illustration of a short-faced bear compared to a grizzly bear, by an unknown artist.

Category Giant bear
Proposed scientific names
Other names Bulldog bear, Chilton County booger, Downy booger, Walker County creature, wod or wog.
Country reported Canada, United States
First reported 1956
Prominent investigators Dale A. Drinnon

Booger bears or bulldog bears are cryptid bears reported from the United States and Canada, noted for their large size and resemblance to both gorillas and cats. The term "booger bear" originated in the Appalachian mountain region and the Ozarks, but according to Dale A. Drinnon, the animals have been reported from "a wide area including Texas and Oklahoma to Florida and up into Canada indefinitely far, but over all that area only in small local enclaves where reports come with some regularity. The reports are much more common in mountain country than elsewhere but reports also occur in swamps and along river courses". It is speculated that they may be living short-faced bears.[1][2]


Bears described as booger bears are usually very large animals, with features of both cats and dogs. They are often compared to gorillas, cat-faced bears, or African lions standing on their hind legs, and encounters with them are usually categorised as Bigfoot sightings. These Bigfoot accounts describe much larger animals with eyes that glow in the dark.[1]



Silverback bear

Digital mockup of a half-bear half-gorilla "silverback bear" by an unknown artist.

According to Ivan T. Sanderson, early settlers of North America reported a "grizzly bear" inhabiting high plains areas, which was a specialist predator of bison and was much larger than the true grizzly bear. This so-called grizzly bear apparently went extinct when the bison were overhunted.[1][3]

A "bulldog bear" capable of carrying off a moose was reported from the "Northwest Territories and even into Northern British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan" in Canada. It was presumed to be a living short-faced bear.[1]


A mysterious hairy animal which walked on its hind feet and stood between 6' and 7' tall was reported to be stealing cattle in Kentucky in 1967.[4] The animal was eventually shot dead after being baited by a calf tied to a stake, and was discovered to be a very large bear with both catlike and doglike features, weighing around 650 pounds. The animal was known to Native Americans in the area, who called it "wod" or "wog".[1] The bear's size and weight was within the range of a grizzly bear; it was its cat-like face which made it unusual.


A Michigan man named Billy Hunter reported an "Abominable Snowman" sighting in 1995, in peninsular Michigan, very close to the Canadian border. He claimed that, whilst hunting deer, he saw a large animal in the bush:

Behind the group of dear were a bunch of trees and not a lot of brush, you could see rows and rows of trees behind for a few yards. I saw something move in between the trees, something big, but I could not make it out with my rifle sight (I said earlier it was a H&K ) so I pulled out my snipe to get a better view, a PSG1. [...] All of sudden every last deer out there looks up to the immediate right all at once. I also turned, scanning almost full circle, seeing nothing, looking back at them, by then some had started to head away, slowly though, with some still looking in that direction. [...] Then IT moves again, I zoom in tight on this big animal, in a low part of a very big, branching tree. The tree is covered in snow and this thing is stark white, I still could n´t even fix my eyes right to figure out what the hell the thing was so I just watching, eyes peeled. [...] So I am targeting this thing, but can't make it out, it was just like a big piece of white snow that crawled for second. [...] Then this BIG ASS THING, launches off the branch, lands heels first in the snow and charges at the last few deer that was left, they did not even have time to move. [...] Meanwhile on the radio someone was attempting to say the scientific name for the bird, someone saying really fast instructions and orders. Then Tommy (we call him general) saying "EC get on the phone, everyone mark your areas, Andrew double back to camp, Billy shot is yours". [...] I thought to myself that it must be some hybrid creature up here in the cold and I'd never seen anything like it, believe me I know my animals and my science. I take my shot but it does not even make the creature flinch...then another and it turns and runs. That was no Polar Bear![5]

Hunter wrote that the animal resembled a hybrid of "polar bear, Arctic wolf, and ape and some big cat," and ran like a cat. It had thick white fur like a pit bull's (?), with black skin, and a flat face. It was light on its feet, and Hunter thought it looked like it would be able to stand on its hind legs. It also had small "ridges" all over its body, "like a reptile".[5]


Dale Drinnon suggests that booger bears may be living short-faced bears.[1]

Similar cryptids[]

The specimen shot in 1967 may have been referred to as a "wog". The wog is a genuine cryptid, described as a dog- or bear-like animal with a piggish face, large teeth, and a loping gait.

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