Other nahoes: Bali djakai
Country reported: Indonesia, Malaysia

The beruang rambai (Dayak: "long-haired bear"[1]) is a cryptid reported from Borneo, in both Indonesia and Malaysia.


The beruang rambai is described as a robust black-haired animal 4 foot high at the shoulder, 6 foot when standing upright. It has a "bullet-shaped" head atop a bull neck, and the hair on its limbs is 3 inches long. It walks on all fours, but will occasionally stand on its hind legs and beat its chest. It leaves human- and bear-like tracks.[1]



Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, 5th Earl of Cranbrook collected several accounts of the beruang rambai in the 1960's.[1]

circa 1930'sEdit

Explorer Leonard Clark, who also encountered the milne and reported the Murung River bear, saw a bali djakai (Lawangan: "demon"[1]) at a water hole in Borneo's central mountains in the 1930's.[2][Expansion needed] According to George Eberhart, it "picked up a helmet left behind, detected the scent of Clark and his guide, beat its chest, and disappeared into the bush".[1]


Based on the accounts he received, the Earl of Cranbrook concluded that the beruang rambai was neither bear nor orangutan. George Eberhart lists only a misidentification of an orangutan or a sun bear as possible explanations, whilst noting that sun bears have short hair.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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