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Bernard Heuvelmans
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Biographical information
Born 10 October 1916
Le Havre, France
Died 22 August 2001 (aged 84)
Le Vésinet, France
Professional information
Occupation Zoologist, cryptozoologist, writer
Notable works On the Track of Unknown Animals (1955)
In the Wake of the Sea Serpents (1965)
Notable investigations Yeti
Nandi bear
Sea serpents
Minnesota Iceman
Neodinosaurs in Central and West Africa
Cryptohominids in Africa
Water lions

Bernard Heuvelmans (10 October 1916 – 22 August 2001) was a Belgian-French zoologist and writer who is regarded as the "Father of Cryptozoology". His book On the Track of Unknown Animals (1955) is regarded as the founding document of the field.

On the Track of Unknown Animals was followed by In the Wake of the Sea Serpents (1965), which attempted to classify reports of sea serpents using the Heuvelmans system. During the 1960's, he was especially noted for his investigation of the Minnesota Iceman alongside Ivan T. Sanderson. He was a founding member and President of the International Society of Cryptozoology,[1] and published a complete checklist of cryptids reported up to the time of publication in the Society's journal, Cryptozoology. His final cryptozoological works were a series of untranslated books covering the cryptids of Africa, two of which were published posthumously: Les Derniers Dragons d'Afrique (1978), Les Bêtes Humaines d'Afrique (1980), Les Félins Encore Inconnus d’Afrique (2007), and Les Ours Insolites d'Afrique (2015). A book covering the yeti, Les Peu Abominables Hommes-des-Neiges, remains unpublished.

From 1975, Heuvelmans' vast cryptozoological archives were housed in his Center for Cryptozoology in France.[1] Two years before his death, he donated the archives to Switzerland's Museum of Zoology of Lausanne, which has subsequently stored them in a Department of Cryptozoology.

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