Beebe's manta, William Rebsamen

Beebe's manta as drawn by William M. Rebsamen.

Other names: Mystery manta[1]

Beebe's manta or Beebe's white-banded manta is a cryptid fish reported from the South Pacific aroun the Galapagos, New Caledonia, Mexico, and New Zealand. It was first reported by William Beebe off Isla Genovesa. The fish collided with Beebe's vessel, then sped away on the service.[2][3]

It is described as having a wingspan of 10 feet and being similar to giant manta, with the exception of two broad, brilliantly white bands extending halfway down the back from either side of the head.

A 1989 German documentary, Sharks: Hunters of the Seas, included thirty seconds of footage of a manta with white, symmetrical, V-shape bands, and a 1999 BBC documentary called Holiday Guide to Australia included aerial footage, filmed over the Great Barrier Reef, of a manta ray with a pair of white, longtitudal bands on its wings.[2]

The pigmentation of the uniformly dark giant manta is easily rubbed off, but this only results in blotching. Giant mantas may be seen with white patches on their shoulders, but never distinct bands.[2]

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