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Beast Hunter (released in the UK as Beast Man) is a 2011 National Geographic television series, hosted and narrated by Pat Spain, in which Spain travels to various countries to investigate five different cryptids.

Notable investigations and findings[]

During the investigation into the mapinguari, Spain blasted a modified sloth call in the jungle, and believed he may have heard a response.[1]



The episodes were both aired and released under different names and in a different order in the United Kingdom: "African Swamp Monster", "Mongolian Death Worm", "Sea Monster", "Ape Man of Sumatra", and "Amazon Nightmare".

No. Title Subject Original air date
1 "Man Ape of Sumatra" Orang-pendek 4 March 2011
2 "Nightmare of the Amazon" Mapinguari / Kida harara 4 March 2011
3 "Swamp Monster of the Congo" Mokele-mbembe 11 March 2011
4 "Sea Serpent of the North" Cadborosaurus 18 March 2011
5 "Mongolian Death Worm" Mongolian death worm 25 March 2011

DVD releases[]

Notes and references[]

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