Angel Morant Forés is a Spanish cryptozoologist who conducted field work in southern Ecuador and collected accounts of several land mammals unknown to science, including the esakar-paki, the shiashia-yawá, the pamá-yawá, the tshenkutshen, the entzaeia-yawá, and the tsere-yawá. He also photographed the Forés specimen. He collected second-hand reports of several other unknown animals, inluding "a bear-like creature called ujea whose description reminded [him] of a giant ground sloth, a cat known as jiukam-yawá which allegedly hunts in packs, and a maned 'lion'", but could find nobody who had personally seen them.[1]

He has also written articles on the zebro[2] and the possibility of giant vampire bat survival in South America, based on reports of the camazotz, the j'ik'al, the piuchén, and the discovery of a non-fossilized giant vampire bat tooth.[3]

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