Amikuk mask

A Yupik mask representing the amikuk.

Country reported: United States

The amikuk is a cryptid sea monster reported from the Alaskan coasts of the Bering Strait. It is described as a "large, slimy, leathery-skin animal" which will wrap its arms around people and kayaks, and drag them down to the bottom of the sea. It can break ice and burrow through the earth, and will use these abilities to pursue people who try to escape by running onto land.[1][2]

The Inuit near St. Michael in Alaska further believed that amikuks would "swim from the sea up through the land to some land-locked lakes in the craters of extinct volcanoes and to similar inland places". Naturalist Edward William Nelson reported that:[2]

"Several dry lake-beds were shown to me in that vicinity as having been drained by these animals when they swam out to the sea, leaving a channel made by their passage through the earth. It is said that if the amikuk returns the water follows from the sea and again fills the lake."

Nelson believed the amikuk was a purely mythical animal which was based on the octopus.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

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