Abyssal rainbow gar, William Beebe

The abyssal rainbow gar drawn by Else Bostelmann for Beebe.

The abyssal rainbow gar was a deep sea cryptid fish seen once off Bermuda in the North Atlantic Ocean by William Beebe in 1932.[1][2]


Beebe described it as 4 inches long, with a blue body, a scarlet head, and a yellow tail, with a long beak. He observed a group of four, swimming at a strange upright angle.[1][2]



William Beebe saw this fish during a 1932 Bathysphere dive off Bermuda, at a depth of 2500 feet:[2]

"At 11:17 o'clock I turned the light on suddenly, and saw a strange quartet of fish to which I have not been able to fit genus or family. Shape, size, color, and one fin I saw clearly, but Abyssal Rainbow Gars is as far as I dare go, and they may be anything but gars. About four inches over all, they were slender and stiff with long, sharply pointed jaws. They were balanced in the center of the electric ray when it was first turned on, and the unheard-of glare affected them not at all. There they stood, for they were almost upright, and I could see only a slight fanning with a dorsal fin. Keeping equal distances apart, and maintaining their upright pose, they swam slowly into the uttermost dark. The amazing thing about them was their unexpected pattern and color. The jaws and head were brilliant scarlet, which, back of the gills, changed abruptly into a light but strong blue and this merged insensibly into clear yellow on the posterior body and tail. Unless in the light of some other fish, or in my electric path, their colors could never have been visible, and were assuredly useless by-products."

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